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Generation IV Complete and Ready to Drive.


The Generation IV  Cobra Replica is produced as a finished, ready to drive automobile. Everett Morrison is recognized worldwide on the World Manufacturers Index as an OEM Manufacturer. Also available in a ready to assemble it is available in three phases titled “Phase 1″, “Phase 2″, and “Phase 3". When all three phases are purchased together, they include everything required for a drivable vehicle except for wheels, tires, engine and paint.

In addition to these three phases, we offer a line of optional components,that may be added as desired. Examples of optional components would be passenger roll bar, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, Audio/Nav system, back up camera, console, etc.

The Generation IV Cobra Replica may be selected in such a way to order anything from a rolling chassis, to an advanced assembled kit.

Click here to see our catalog with details of each phase and the options available for the completed car.


Generation IV Features



Over the past 50 years, E-M has built Replica automobiles on three wheelbases, the original 90″ along with a 93″ and a 96″. The 90″ cars are replicas of the LeMans winning car of 1964 and is generally cramped for drivers over 6 feet in height. The main problem with the original design is really the sidepipes. The way they exit the body just forward of the footboxes causes the loss of about 4″ of potential legroom.

The Generation IV solution to this problem is to reposition the pedals forward about an inch, combined with lengthening the wheelbase 3″ to a 93″ wheelbase. The lengthening has been done in the door, which is also an advantage because people over 200 lbs frequently find the 90″ wheelbase door is too short to easily get in and out. But the shape of the door has been very carefully maintained so that the overall look and proportions of the car are not noticeably changed.




The 4″ round tube frame has always been one of the most admired features of the E-M car. The Generation IV has an all-new simplified 4″ design. It has 29% fewer parts than our previous design. The new chassis has the removable transmission cross member, and driveshaft safety loop as standard features. Also we have added seat and seat belt mounts to the frame where they were previously on the body.

But the best thing about the new Generation IV frame is that it is made of a special stainless steel alloy known as 3cr12. It does not require either paint or powder coating and it is by far our finest chassis ever. Every component of the car is built on a highly engineered and tested jig and assembled by TIG welding each part in assembly jigs.

EM thought of safety as well: the custom 21 gallon fuel tank is surrounded inside the frame; the cockpit is a fully surrounded cage with every part bolted to the frame or suspension and the twin door beams offer the greatest protection available in a sports car. The inclusion of five point safety racing harnesses mean the EM Cobra does not require air bags.  Every weld is done by hand with highly experienced and trained technicians performing every detail No robots here, just masterful welds with both strength and beauty.



The Everett-Morrison fiberglass body has always been known for it’s strength, quality, good fits, and symmetry, but with Generation IV, it is now even better!

EM uses the “hand laid” method of construction, which allows more accurate control over the panel thickness, consistency and weights.

We use a double veil to the outer shell, which imparts a smoother finish to the gel coat and eliminates "show through" of fiberglass stands in every part of the car..

A special high density woven core lines the floor of the cockpit, trunk compartment, and wheel wells to increase stiffness. The car does not flex when you step in and increase rigidity of the unitary body.

The bodies are made from vinyl ester resin, again for a superior finish and five layers of varying weight and weave fiberglass, each part of which is cut from an extensive set of patterns to eliminate joints and overlaps.

EM Foot boxes are about 2″ wider than the original car, which is particularly important on the drivers side as this allows the pedal spacing to be increased.

Em added twin steel side door beams and provided new original style FMVS door latches with anti-rattle Teflon strikers. In addition even those beams that are hidden inside double wall doors, hood and trunk are powder coated before installation. No rust allowed!

The Generation IV body is best in the industry.



EM uses a FORD 8.8 fully independent four wheel suspension mated to EM custom built racing axles capable of torques aver 800 foot lbs and they are mated to off the shelf 2003-04 Ford Mustang GT hubs and spindles. Fully tune-able coil overs with single units in the front and dual units at each rear wheel are installed. Our specified units are made by Aldan American and carry their full warranty. We use Ford and readily available after market bushings, and tie rods. Every wearable part of the chassis can be obtained from your local auto parts dealers, and we also stock most parts for customers outside the USA who need support.



 Cars that go fast should stop fast. The Generation IV has vented and drilled rotors, easily sourced brake pads mounted on 13″ front brakes and 11.65″ rear brakes. Power assist is standard on the EM. 



Many replicas (and especially the original race car) were notorious for running hot. It is a limitation caused by the large displacement engine combined with the relatively narrow body and air intake. The Generation IV has increased the radiator core width to 26″ and the tube width from 1″ to 1 1/4″. These changes give 40% more cooling area. In addition, the width of the twin electric cooling fans shroud has been increased from 17″ to 23″ for greater effectiveness at idle.

Fuel Tank/Cell


The new Generation IV Fuel Tank comes standard with safety foam baffling and a capacity of 21 gallons. We build the of 11 gauge tig welded aluminum and then powder coat them to avoid the ugly dull gray or stained rear appearance The filler, sender, pickup, and vent tubes are now accessible with the right rear wheel removed, and with the addition of the optional fuel bladder, the tank may be upgraded to a true racing fuel cell. There are no moving parts in the tank as we use electronic senders matched to our tanks.


Seating & Comfort


The Cobra was a racing car with a fiberglass shell designed to accommodate a driver for a few hour at a time. Nearly all replicas followed this standard, including E-M,  but with the GEN IV we have taken comfort, safety and design to a new level. The GEN IV seat is a specially engineered steel frame suspension seat with a removable headrest, optional lumbar inflatable back support and full adjustable rail mounted to the frame. We lengthened the seat to provide adtional thigh support but retained the full tuck and roll leather or Ultrleather upholstery. All the leathers and vinyls are UV treated and many colors are avialable. We build all the components in our factory shops, one at a time, by hand. The seat frame same is tig welded and black powder coated before upholstery is added.  For additional cost we can build an othopaedic seat and back to include comfortable support if a person has issues with their back. Our GEN IV seat is fully compatible with our GEN III and can also be fitted to just about any Cobra Replica manufactured over the last 20 years.



EM builds each vehicle to the specifications of its new owner and we constantly look for improved performace and safety components. We source our parts from Ford where possible and from England where originality can still be obtained. As with every other industry prices change all the times so we don't list final prices. But we can tell you this: EM Cobras are built to last and we do not produce anything we wouldn't want to drive and own for generations.  Our delivered Cobra will range form the low 80 thousand to whatever additions you choose. In a ready to assemble component package you can save up to $20,000 in the labor and things like paint, tires, wheels and interiors. We can try to guide you to one of our 1500 owners around the world so you can see, sit and hear about our quality and support. Of course you can also visit our factory (with an appointment) to see us in action.

Delivery and Schedules

 We strive to keep at lease one chassis and body in a semi finished state and if that is available you can expect about a 4 month delivery. If we start from scratch, or if you have special needs (like orthopedic designed seating, special pedal systems or unique engine requirements, it can take between 8 months and more. Of course we also will restore, modify or update any EM Cobra you may be interested in. But no other brands are possible. 

The Two Hour Car?


Once you sit in a high performance Cobra you experience the roar of the race car. But since most of our cars are driven for pleasure that roar becomes a screaming headache after about two hours. You  can also hear stories about neighbors complaining when you take your Cobra out early on Saturday to the local  Cars and Coffee meet, or Club Day. We solved that problem with our GEN IV side pipes! They now include a real ceramic and stainless muffler in a larger custom built and hand polished assembly. We have lowered the roar from a high of 130 db in the "normal" Muscle Car, to 92 db, and they are legal in all 50 States. Now you can hear a radio, talk to the navigator, and still advertise that you are a formidable performance vehicle.



 Everett Morrison Motorcars LLC is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company (although we use as much of their "stuff" as possible) and we are not licensed or affiliated with Carroll Shelby, his companies and brands (although we and all other Cobra Replica Manufacturers have him to thank for this great car and industry). Any reference to either of the brands brands or companies is not to convey any inference of an  endorsement, opinion or business relationship in any way.   

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